About Me

I am a street photographer who hopes to see and record in photos what most people do not observe. Many of my photos are of street scenes and of dogs and their owners taken during my travels to cities in the USA and Europe. I am also a still life photographer with a minimalist, abstract point of view.  I have been showing my work since 2002 and have won awards for my photography in juried and non-juried shows.

The urban setting is at the heart of my photography and the street is the set for the stories I try to portray. The city provides the opportunity to photograph people with their pets, people at work or people just out in that environment doing whatever they do. The city at night allows me to experiment with available light and to show another aspect of vision which may not be in the realm of seeing with the human eye. There we have the chance to record all aspects of human life and human influence on our environment.


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