Still Life Artist Statement

Artist Statement – Found Things

“The eyes cannot perceive what the brain does not comprehend.”
– Stephen King, Hearts in Atlantis.

Still lifes are not the usual type of photographs that I take. I am a street photographer who hopes to see what most people do not. In this project I am trying to apply the same principle. Ion Zupcu’s work is a fine example of this form of art and was my inspiration for this project. He creates minimalistic abstract still life photos from simple configurations of paper and light.
All around us are things that our eyes do not really see in an aesthetic sense or possibly do not see at all since they are always just there. The purpose of this project was to create photographs with a different point of view, or have some mystery to them, of objects that I found around my house and workshop. Various techniques that I used were long shutter time multiple exposures, light painting with a flashlight, and macro photography with softbox lighting. I used Photoshop to extensively edit the photos until I obtained the effects that I wanted.

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